Opulence Bath tea w/CBD 2 oz


Bath Tea | Relaxation, Pain & Muscle Ease w/CBD

This tea will have you relaxed & rejuvenated in no time!!


All the products are handmade from 100% raw therapeutic grade ingredients. Each batch is poured into small batches to maximize the freshness, amazing quality and preserve consistency.

Each bag has an approximate weight of 2 oz – this is the weight of the tea NOT including the bag.

All Weights are by Approximation and Can Vary Slightly.

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Bath Tea | Relaxation, Pain & Muscle Ease

Discover the secret skin-loving properties of this bath tea. Pink Himalayan salt is great for relaxing cramped and aching muscles. The magnesium and other traces of minerals found in HPS absorb through the skin to help soften the muscles, while aiding in a natural detoxing of the entire body.

These combined ingredients give an abundance of over 84 different minerals while Jojoba and Sweet almond oils add their moisturizing properties. A sensual, floral aroma imbues these crystalline salts to ease the mind, soothe the body, and restore the spirit.

Basic Use: Dissolve a handful of crystals in warm bath water and soak. Regular salt baths, at least once a week, are recommended for optimal self-care. Each order comes with one refillable tea bag to use for bath tea *Optional to add in tea filter (sold separately)*


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