Vitality Vibes 2 oz



Cee Cee’s Organic Body Butters have the added therapeutic benefits of a variety of herbal infusions of essential oils to help repair, regenerate and work wonders on the skin. These are done in-house using homegrown, local botanicals. A slow infusion process is done to ensure the purest and most potent extractions possible.

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Butters by CeeCee Organic Body Butters will instantly melt in and surround your skin leaving you velvety-soft. Your skin will feel silky smooth, renewed and comfortably hydrated. Because a little goes a long way with this emollient body butter, your skin will enjoy a “thanks for sticking with me” treat for many days to come!

Shea Butter & Coconut Oil heals irritated skin as it shields from dehydration, leaving skin drenched in all day moisture. From eczema to sunburns, to dry skin and chapped lips. Amazingness in a jar, or on your skin!!

  • Hand crafted using all natural ingredients
  • No harmful dyes, toxins, chemical fragrances or carcinogens
  • 100% organic body butter
  • Cruelty Free

Each jar of Organic Body Butter will be gently laced with a healing stone of the season. It’s a simple gesture from me to you, saying “My divinity respects your divinity, Namaste!



All the butters are handmade from raw shea, avocado and mango butter, using 100% unrefined coconut oil. Each batch is poured into small batches to maximize the freshness, amazing quality and preserve consistency.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Mango Butter
Avocado Butter
Avocado oil
Aragan oil
Coconut Oil
Vegetable Glycerin
Essential Oils;
Frankincense & Myyrh
Passion Fruit & Guava


One of my mottos is simple. You are what you eat. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wait, but this is body butter.” Correct, but this is also skin food! Our skin is the LARGEST organ on our body, so we must not neglect it. I believe the products we put on our body should be natural, and not manufactured in a lab with known and unknown harmful substances. All of my products have been formulated using powerful blends of organic and all-natural botanical ingredients free of toxins, synthetic compounds, parabens and fillers.


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