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Combining athletic training with yoga fundamentals | One-on-one private training | Group training & more

I offer private yoga, athletic, and fitness training sessions for all ages and all fitness levels. My yoga program and style of training is beneficial to all who are willing to make the commitment. Statistics show that yoga is a wonderful tool for preventative care for any and all who do it long enough to gain the benefits. Yoga will help to maintain and improve flexibility, focus, strength and breath. Yoga also helps to encourage strong and calm controlled breathing in tense and stressful situations mentally and physically.

Yoga Inspired Program for Athletes

Along my yoga & fitness journey I created a Yoga inspired program designed for athletes called "Elite Yogi." This program encourages athletes to improve their morale on and off the field/court. The Elite Yogi program strives for athletes and anyone who takes this program to take what they learn on the mat and utilize it in their everyday lives, especially in their sport of choice.

Combining the athletic mindset with the practical holistic health approach, simple enough for anyone to follow is the perfect prescription to a Happy Fit Life!

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The athletic mind responds to a playbook. It is good at sticking to the plan and sticking to a formula. It takes you to your purpose. And when people live out their purpose, they find alignment within themselves and life.

Yoga and Personal Training Sessions

Bodies by CeeCee offers yoga and personal training services suitable to any fitness level. Whether you are just starting to develop your fitness routine or have been active all of your life, I can help you. I offer the following services:

A powerful yet rejuvenating vinyasa flow yoga session. Customized for each client.

Customized power yoga designed for athletes. (Specify which sport upon requesting a session.)

Induce relaxation, reduce blood pressure, improve immunity, and more…We focus on the most powerful muscle in the body, your brain!


By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others!

About CeeCee

Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates Instructor
Lotus Flower

My specialties range from Vinyasa flow, Power, Hatha and Restorative yoga, Pilates, body sculpting, weight loss to on field speed/ agility work and Athlete development.

My mission is to heal people through the medicine of physical movement. Yoga is the perfect natural antidote for numerous of health issues and best of all gives peace of mind for the entire body.

Refresh mind and body is not only a saying I hold onto, but it’s a lifestyle I strive to live by.

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